Police arrest ‘Staten Island cowboy’ after NYC bridge-crossing bust – Metro US

Police arrest ‘Staten Island cowboy’ after NYC bridge-crossing bust

The NYPD has arrested an 80-year-old self-proclaimed cowboy days after he gained local notoriety for causing a traffic jam while crossing a Staten Island bridge on horseback.

Police said “Doc” Mishler was arrested on Thursday morning, three days after his Outerbridge-crossing spectacle that ended with his horses being seized by local authorities who wanted to examine the health of the animals, CBS2 reported.

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The exact charges against Mishler remained unclear, but they will likely include animal cruelty, a law enforcement source said to Pix11. Animal advocates have claimed thatMishler abused his horses by not feeding them properly, exhausting them and letting them develop saddle sores.

Mishler, who claimed he was riding cross-country to help hungry children, initially received criminal court summonses for trespassing and impeding traffic after his Outerbridge crossing, CBS2 stated. At that point, his horses were taken from him for examination.

“The ASPCA continues to provide veterinary assistance and care for the horses. We cannot comment further at this time,” an ASPCA spokesperson said to Pix11.