Police consider charging man who allegedly followed kids in clown mask

Auburn Police

Police in Auburn say they are weighing whether to press charges against a man who allegedly wore a clown mask as he followed a school bus with children onboard in his car Tuesday.

Investigators said they later determined the man was a parent of one of the students on the bus.

His name has not been released as he is not currently facing any charges.

Many parents on the Auburn Police Department’s Facebook page encouraged the department to press those charges Friday.

“My kid called me freaking out and I had to run to the bus stop to pick her up,” Josh James said. “He terrorized children…way to go, space cowboy! Charge him! You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes!”

“This idiot absolutely should have criminal charges filed,” Kristy Manning said. “It’s about time to start making examples of these fools. Unless you’re on your way to a Halloween party or trick or treating is absolutely no reason to be dress or act that way.”

Another commenter said a child was crying on the bus that was followed.

“I’m not condoning it, but let’s not treat it more seriously than it is,” Dan Mclaughlin said.

The country has seen a rising trend of bizarre incidents involving scary clowns this month, including several in Massachusetts.

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