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Police probe body dumping ground

Following the discovery of skeletal remains in Gilgo Beach on Saturday and the unearthing of an additional three bodies Monday, police continue to piece together how the four victims ended up discarded unceremoniously in a sandy stretch along Ocean Parkway.

Suffolk County police and FBI investigators are considering the possibility that a serial killer has been targeting prostitutes and dumping their remains.

“We’re looking at that — that we could have a serial killer,” Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said yesterday during a windy, impromptu press conference held near where the bodies were found.

After another daylong search with forensic investigators and canine units yesterday, Dormer said authorities were “not sure of anything. We’re looking at every angle.”

Police have positively identified two of the bodies as female. Dormer said the bodies were apparently dumped from a vehicle in different locations during the past couple of years.

“It’s not an area that has a lot of foot traffic,” he said. “It’s a very isolated area.” The remains were found in thick brush, less than eight feet from the road.

Killer’s pattern?

Some indications point to the bodies being missing prostitutes, including 24-year-old Shonnan Gilbert of Jersey City, N.J., who vanished in May after meeting a Craigslist client on nearby Fire Island. Police are in the process of reaching out to the woman’s alleged pimp and client.

Another missing person of note in the investigation is Megan Waterman, 22, of Maine, who was last seen at a Hauppauge hotel in June — but the link to her disappearance and the found remains was not yet solidified yesterday, police said. As the bodies are badly decomposed, forensic means will be used to determine their identities.