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Police to patrol the Red Mile

City cops are prepping the Red Mile to ensure that a few bad apples don’t turn it into the Rude Mile for the Flames’ playoffs run.
Flames fans can’t wait for the puck to drop tonight, but Insp. Bob Ritchie told Metro the rules and regulations apply every day, even in the playoffs.
“We encourage Calgarians to celebrate in a respectful, courteous and community-minded spirit, and to have fun responsibly,” Ritchie said.
He said while the past playoffs have drawn out large crowds and well-behaved people, there were still some incidents of bad behaviour.
“We had a small minority of people who cause problems and the Calgary Police Service will be watching for that.”
Flames fan Asif Hassam owns three businesses along 17th Avenue, but said he does not look forward to playoff season.
“It’s nice to walk through, but a lot of people just hang out. Not everyone is, but a lot of obnoxious and drunk people damage things and there is a big mess the next day,” he said, adding he doesn’t know any business that wants the large crowds wandering around.
The Living Room lounge — also on 17th Avenue — said they are indifferent to the crowds, according to manager Patrick Hill.
“We are pretty careful about who we let in at the door and we try to weed out the people who have had too much to drink,” Hill said.
The Flames are in San Jose tonight facing off in Game 1 of their series.

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