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Polishing those pearly whites

Professional, punctual and ethical. Without those qualities, you need not apply.

Susan Rudin, the dental hygiene program co-ordinator at Toronto’s George Brown college, takes pride in knowing that once the students in her program graduate, they are prepared for a challenging professional career.

“Our program is well respected and our students have the opportunity to learn from a well-established faculty who are experts in the areas they teach,” she says. But if you’re interested in the program, be sure to get on it early.

September’s class is already full and competition to get in is quite stiff. Every year plenty of applicants apply for limited positions to take advantage of a number of unique opportunities offered by the college.

In fact, one of the main benefits of the program is the professional experience students receive through internships and job placements. The advantage of taking the community college approach to such a career is the fact that George Brown has a number of relationships with various dental institutions, allowing students to get firsthand experience in real world situations, says Rudin.

“The ideal candidate is someone who recognizes that it’s a professional program for a job requiring plenty of responsibility,” she says, adding that having an outgoing and personality will greatly increase the student’s enjoyment of the program and career.

“My favourite part of the job is working with people,” says Emily Wheelan, 25, of Toronto. “I see 10 people a day and I get to know them. It’s fun.”

Wheelan, who has been a dental hygienist for three years after graduating from Niagara College’s dental hygiene program in Welland, Ont., says the job is enjoyable, pays well and provides a schedule that fits her lifestyle.

Rudin says when graduates are motivated and truly interested in pursuing a career in dental hygiene, it’s almost guaranteed they’ll land a job soon after they’ve started their search.

Dental hygiene could be a worthwhile career choice for anyone interested in health sciences, has great communication skills and is interested in working in a professional atmosphere. For more information on George Brown’s program, visit their website at Georgebrown.ca.

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