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POLL: Should there be a breastfeeding emoji?

POLL: Should there be a breastfeeding emoji?

There could a breastfeeding emoji available to the public.

In November, Unicode will hold their quarterly Technical Committee meeting hosted by IBM. The committee will review and discuss several new emoji proposals made this year that will be considered for version 10.

Some of the new emoji proposals include an almond, a coconut, a Mermaid and a mother breastfeeding.

The breastfeeding emoji was created as an alternative to the popular “baby bottle” emoji that typically represents feeding a baby.

Rachel Lee, a registered nurse at the University College of London Hospital, submitted the proposal for the breastfeeding emoji.

“The lack of a breastfeeding emoji represents a gap in the Unicode Standard given the prevalence of breastfeeding in cultures around the world, and throughout history,” she wrote in her proposal.

The breastfeeding emoji has been featured in the “Emojipedia Top 30 for 2016,” so there’s a chance it could make it.

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