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Possible mountain lion sighting in Winchester

Winchester residents are keeping an eye out for mountain lions. (Public Domain Pictures)

Authorities in Winchester are asking residents to keep an eye out after a possible sighting of a mountain lion was reported earlier this week.

According to Winchester Police, a resident reported seeing a mountain lion in the Dunster Lane, Pepper Hill Drive neighborhood off ofRidge Street on Tuesday.

Massachusetts Environmental Police responded to the scene and viewed the animal’s paw print, and stated the tracks strongly resembled that of a mountain lion. Photos of the tracks were sent to Mass Wildlife for verification.

Mountain lion sightings in the are are extremely rare, with 1858 being the last confirmed spotting in Massachusetts, according to the Associated Press.

A reverse 911 call was sent to area residents to alert them of the possible sighting.

The National Park Service says in the event that you encounter an aggressive Mountain Lion, be sure to maintain eye contact, and never turn away from the lion.Stand up straight, with arms above your head in order to appear larger.Back away very slowly but do not run, as mountain lions love to chase.

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