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Poutine Week is Canada’s turn to save us

Mile End

Just in time for the blustery late-winter swing in weather, the East Village’s Jewish deli by way of Canada, Mile End Deli, is bringing back Poutine Week.

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From Feb. 13-19, the restaurant is serving its own takes on Canada’s signature “kitchen sink dish,” where the base is fries, cheese curds and gravy, and then their imagination takes over. Here are the five poutines (S18) available during lunch and/or dinner at their locations in Manhattan (53 Bond St., NoHo) and Brooklyn (97A Hoyt St., Boreum Hill):

Corn Dog Poutine — sliced corn dogs, cheese curds, gravy, fries
Duck Confit Poutine — duck confit, cheese curds, gravy, fries
Bratwurst Poutine — beer cheese gravy, bratwurst, tater tots
Meat Lovers’ Poutine — brisket, smoked meat, corned beef, hot dogs, salami, bacon
Caprese Poutine — spicy tomato sauce, seared cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, garlic oregano fries

And while you’re in the Canadian spirit, check out Prime Minister (and Mile End fan) Justin Trudeau shutting down President Donald Trump’s usual choke-and-jerk handshake when the two heads of state met this morning. Canada, can we be more than neighbors?

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