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Powerful men accused of sexual assault since Harvey Weinstein scandal

UPDATE Nov. 29, 2017: Continue to check the gallery above for updates as more powerful men are accused of sexual misconduct in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein bombshell.

UPDATE Nov. 1, 2017: NPR editor Michael Oreskes resigned Wednesday after two women came forward alleging sexual harassment allegations against him

“My behavior was wrong and inexcusable, and I accept full responsibility,” he said in a statement published by the Associated Press.

The accusations against Oreskes, who has served as NPR’s senior vice president of news and editorial director since 2015 went public on Tuesday when The Washington Post published the women’s accounts.

NPR CEO Jarl Mohn “asked Mike Oreskes for his resignation because of inappropriate behavior” and his resignation was effective Wednesday, according to an email to NPR staff.

The women claim Oreskes kissed them without their consent during business meetings in the late 1990s while he was working at the New York Times. Both said they didn’t speak out at the time for fear it could jeopardize their careers.

Empowered by the #MeToo movement and the number of women speaking out against sexual harassment following the high-profile allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and other powerful men in media, the women told the Post they were inspired to come forward.
Original: More than 93 women have accused Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault, misconduct and even rape spanning more than four decades and the outpouring of support for his victims has sparked a movement calling out powerful men for inappropriate behavior toward women.

Hundreds of female celebrities and politicians have come forward declaring #MeToo and describing their personal experience with rape, sexual assault and misconduct in the days since Weinstein’s behavior has been brought to light. Their stories have inspired thousands more women still to come forward and shed light on just how pervasive the issue of sexual violence is in society.

As a result of the growing movement that seeks to hold men accountable for sexually assaulting and harassing women, many have lost their jobs or resigned.

Click the gallery above to view the running list of men who have been accused since the Weinstein scandal broke.

Original article and gallery by Erin Tiernan. Lenyon Whitaker and Kimberly M. Aquilina contributed to this report.