‘Predictalator’ gives Jets ugly odds at making the playoffs – Metro US

‘Predictalator’ gives Jets ugly odds at making the playoffs

‘Predictalator’ gives Jets ugly odds at making the playoffs
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The New York Jets are currently 7-5, a two-game winning streak lifting a team whose season hung in the balance just a couple weeks before.

Last week in an overtime comeback win over the New York Giants, the Jets were given a 1percent chance to win late in the game. Turns out they defied odds and they will have to defy odds again if they want to make the postseason.

Conventional wisdom sees an uphill battle for the Jets to get in. So do computers.

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According to the fascinating ‘Predictalator,’ the Jets don’t have a very good chance at making the playoffs. Currently heading into this Sunday’s game at the Tennessee Titans, they have a 38 percent chance to make the playoffs as a Wild Card team. This is based off of PredictionMachine.com’s most recent finding, based off of 50,000 simulations of the entire NFL season.

The Kansas City Chiefs at 77.5 percent and the Pittsburgh Steelers at 50.8 percent are currently ahead of the Jets in thehunt for the two Wild Card slots. The Chiefs are projected to go 10-6 asthe Steelers and Jets both are predicted to have 9-7 records.

For those curious, the Jets have a 4 percent chance to win the AFC East and a 1.6 percent chance at the Super Bowl according to the site.