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President Trump has a red button on his desk to push when he wants a Coke

President Trump Coca Cola
President Trump keeps a glass of soda on his desk in the Oval Office. Photo: Twitter / KateBennett_DC

A disturbing story is breaking: Donald Trump indulges his Coke habit with his finger on the red button.

Well, not the red button, but a red button nevertheless; and not that kind of coke habit.

It may seem that some new, previously unimaginable randomness might come out of the Trump administration every day, but this might be the randomness to end all randomness: The Associated Press reported Monday that the president has a red button that he presses to summon a White House butler to bring him a refreshing can of Coca-Cola.

Unconventional as it is, the button seems to fit the Daddy Warbucks-style tweaks Trump has made to the Oval Office since taking over, swapping out the drapes, chairs and rug for new versions in his favorite color — gold.

It’s perhaps unsurprising that Trump guzzles the HFCS-laden, artificial-everything fizzy sludge, the worst thing you can drink, with scientists now claiming diet versions are linked to brain diseases such as dementia (just sayin’). Trump has taken pride in his diet of KFC, McDonald’s and other such foods (including, The New York Times reported, the Diet Coke he previously disdained publically because he’d “never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke”).

The reaction on Twitter was swift:



But Trump’s relationship with the beverage has always been dramatic.

In January, a CNN reporter noticed that Trump had made an historic break from all previous presidential administrations — by keeping a glass of the soda on his Oval Office desk:



And this 2012 tweet, from Trump himself, is particularly interesting:

“The Coca Cola company is not happy with me–that’s okay, I’ll still keep drinking that garbage.”


Who would have guessed that his latest policy flip-flop would be on junk food?

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