Stephen King President Trump
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When the man who's the most terrifying horror writer of all time says you're scarier than anything he ever could have imagined, it might be time for some serious self-analysis.

Unless you're Donald Trump, in which case said reflection is not going to happen.

But nevertheless, that is what Stephen King, author of "The Shining," "Cujo," "Carrie" and "Pet Sematary," said of the 45th president. In two tweets this week, he said Trump has an "almost textbook case of narcissistic personality disorder" and that he is "worse than any horror story I ever wrote."



That's right: The man who envisaged a car out for blood, a ravaging rabid dog, a possibly homicidal hotel, a girl who buried her high school prom in a blaze of hellfire, and more than one murderous clown, is chilled by President Trump's potential inability to operate America's defenses responsibly.

Tens of thousands of people do not disagree. The second tweet, sent to King's 3.2 million followers, had gotten 60,000 retweets and more than 140,000 Likes by Friday afternoon. And responses went beyond mere approval:

King has been outspoken about his disapproval of Trump in the past, although he had been more diplomatic:

And occasionally more obscene:


Trump has yet to retaliate, in his trademark fashion. It will be interesting to see if he dares pick a fight with the man who disappeared people through magic doors in 1980s New York in "The Dark Tower."
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