Pro-bike lane shirt has some teed off – Metro US

Pro-bike lane shirt has some teed off

Some Hornby Street business owners say they are upset and confused after Vision Vancouver announced the sale of “Bike Lanes Make Me Hornby” T-shirts.

“I don’t understand why they’re doing this,” said Rosita Choy, of Super Best art gallery.

“It’s like they’re singling out Hornby Street when they should be promoting all of the city’s bike lanes,” added her husband, Anthony.

The organic T-shirts will be sold for $15, which is a “break-even cost,” said Ian Ballie, Vision’s executive director.

A survey of 73 Hornby Street business owners released last month found 97 per cent were against the separated bike lane.

It’s “a T-shirt that mocks stakeholders affected by … the Hornby Street separated bike (lanes),” said Coun. Suzanne Anton.

“This stunt certainly confirms why I’ve withdrawn my support from (this project).”

Vision denies any harmful intent behind the T-shirts.

“It’s just a T-shirt,” said Ballie. “It’s simply our way of saying, ‘we support bike lanes.’”