Protecting Trump costs New York City $1M per day: report - Metro US

Protecting Trump costs New York City $1M per day: report


Melania Trump and her son Barron plan to stay in New York City and President-elect Donald Trump plans to visit regularly, according to CNN Money. Closing the Lincoln Tunnel isn’t the only problem that will create. There are at least 1 million other ways this costs New York City.

The media thought Trump was going to discuss access and planning in a meeting, but instead, he ripped into CNN and other outlets and reporters. One person called the gathering“a f—king firing squad.”

Thanksgiving means overeating and football. Check out the schedule for this holy day of sports.

Did “Saturday Night Live” spark more than a tweet from Trump? Pence now says that ObamaCare will be dismantled “out of the gate.”

Hip hop OGs Tribe Called Quest top the charts after two decades.

Has Kanyelost his damn mind?

Dakota pipeline protesters got the hose while temperatures dropped to 18 degrees.

Obama supportsPelosi’s re-election, but won’t comment on reports that the NSA chief will be removed.

Updates on Trump’s cabinet appointments:

  • Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown could be the next Secretary of Veterans Affairs;
  • Dallas investor Ray Washburne is being considered for Secretary of the Interior;
  • and the next homeland securityleader could be the man who clashed with Obama over women in combat and closing Guantanamo Bay prison.

Pope Francis extended the ability of priests to forgive the “grave sin” of abortion.

A 7.3-magnitude earthquake hit Japan.

Is Germany’s Angela Merkel the new “leader of the free world?”

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