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Pure madness

Not only has suave Don Draper held hearts hostage ever since the premiere of 1960s period drama “Mad Men” — the era itself has been an increasingly scintillating subject matter for avid followers of the show.

One such superfan, Natasha Vargas-Cooper, decided to put her love of the show to good use. The end result was “Mad Men Unbuttoned” — a compendium of historical references that series creator Matt Weiner has woven through each season.

“I chose things that I thought enhanced what I thought were the overall themes of the show,” says Vargas-Cooper of the topics in the book, which range from ’60s contraception to suburban decor and, of course, advertising.

“Anything that I talked about could lend some kind of insight and explore the bigger themes in the show, like an uncomfortable shift into what we know now as what modern taste is and what modern enlightened attitudes are.”

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