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Put on your bra and undies, honey!

In gym changerooms, most of us don’t want to witness parade of flesh

While getting ready to leave, in the changing room of a local gym, it came to my attention that many women seem to enjoy walking around naked. Personally, I don’t have a problem with nudity. But as the comedian Jerry Seinfeld once clearly stated, “… there’s good naked and bad naked. Naked hair brushing, good; naked crouching, bad.”

And I’d have to agree.

Walking around in your own home naked is totally acceptable, but strutting naked in a public change room is often just exhibitionism. Of course, most people walk to the showers naked, and then have to dry off and perhaps put on lotion. But once that’s finished, why not get dressed?

There’s no need to blow dry your hair starkers, or sit on the bench and put on your makeup without any underwear. I understand if a woman is worried about getting overheated under the dryer, or getting makeup on her sweater, but at least put on a bra and undies.

I asked around — am I the only one who thinks there’s a time and a place for naked? Not according to the women I polled, ranging in age from 15-65. They all agreed — we appreciate that all women have beauty — young or old, fat or thin, lined, smooth or freckled. But we don’t need tits and ass in plain sight all the time.

There’s a certain level of discretion that most women appreciate, not to mention a level of personal hygiene. One woman told me about a group of women at her gym who work out together. Afterward, they strip down in the change room and snack on cheese and crackers before stepping into the shower. The visuals are just too much to bear!

Another source told me about a woman at her gym who always seems to forget something — deodorant, hairbrush, mascara, shampoo — and walks around naked asking to borrow these items. Besides the fact that it’s just not good practice to lend out your personal products to complete strangers, it’s a bit off-putting to have a naked woman standing in front of you asking to borrow your deodorant!

It’s wonderful to be so comfortable with your body that you have no inhibitions, and in fact, that comfort is something that many women don’t possess. As parents, it’s important to try to instill a healthy body image in our children — something that can become a major issue with girls more readily than boys, although they, too, can be affected.

But there’s healthy confidence, and then there’s taking it to the extreme.

So to all of you who feel the need to parade your bits in front of strangers at the gym: Have some respect.

Show off your bod if you must, but at least wear some underwear!


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