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Putting minds in motion

How do a pop bottle, vinegar and some baking soda become a stunning display of science for at least 20 kids at the University of Calgary Minds in Motion camp?

It sent the ‘rocket’ bottles soaring into the sky, of course.

Emily Bailey, 10, said the whole week has been learning about DNA, constellations and dissecting crawfish.

“The reason I’m in this camp is because I really like science,” said Bailey.

Minds in Motion is designed for kids from Grades 1 to 10 to engage them in science with the hope it exposes them to potential future careers.

Camp attendee Matthew Morrison, 10, said that it’s fun making experiments and has already thought about a career as a scientist or engineer.

“I’m interested in building and blowing things up,” said Morrison.

Crystal Ross, director of Minds in Motion, said that a declining number of people going into science professions has made the subject’s exposure to a younger crowd very important.

“Children are seeing that it is fun, approachable and it’s not just for that stereotypical person we view as a scientist,” said Ross.

Ross said that by having the camp at the University, it becomes accessible to kids and not a place that is intimidating.

The camp has seen a slight increase to 1,300 kids from 1,200 the previous year.

Ross said that there are still some spots available for the rest of the summer. For more information, call 403-220-7749.

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