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Queens man jumps off Manhattan hotel after wife accused of beating toddler twins

Renaissance Hotel 57

A 31-year-old Queens man jumped to his death from the 17-story Renaissance New York Hotel on Friday. His body was not discovered until the next day on top of a third-floor air conditioning unit.

Mohammad Torabi was wanted for questioning in the beating of his twin toddlers. He was not considered a suspect in the matter.

Queens man turned wife on to drugs

 Just days earlier, his estranged wife Tina Torabi was arrested on Wednesday for abusing both of their 13-month-old twins. One of the toddlers, Elaina, died after suffering severe trauma. Her brother Kian is currently in the intensive care unit at Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

The Torabi’s share three other children ranging in age from two years old to five years old. All three have been taken into custody by child services as their mother is being held in a New York jail.

According to the NY Post, the former couple married back in 2012. During their marriage Mohammad Torabi reportedly turned his wife on to drugs before the two separated.

Tina Torabi has had an order of protection against her estranged husband Mohammad Torabi since last year that was due to expire on October 10 after he was arrested for choking her.

‘We knew the dad was no good and didn’t want him anywhere near the wife and kids,’ a source has since shared.

Following the birth of their twins, child protective services became involved after opioids where discovered in their systems.

beating toddler twins

Queens neighbors shocked over beating twin toddler case

Neighbors of Tina Torabi’s in Queens where shocked when police arrived at her home on Wednesday. Torabi had called them herself after she beat both of her toddlers. They were found in the basement when police arrived with lacerations, bruising and more.

“[She was an] absolutely a beautiful person who adored her children,” Judanna Cavallo, a neighbor said. “They were always well kept, and nicely dressed, and well taken care of.”

“Our top priority is protecting the safety and well being of all children in New York City. We are investigating this case, and we have taken action to secure the safety of the other children in this home,” Chanel Caraway, a spokeswoman for NY Child Protective Services, said.

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