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Queens man pleads guilty to beating and choking puppy: DA

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After being seen by his neighbors abusing his dog on numerous occasions over the course of a month, one Jamaica, Queens, resident has now pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and will register an animal abuser.

Eric “E-Bone” Ranger had his pet pit bull removed after neighbors alerted authorities that he had been seen punching, choking and kicking the dog between Nov. 17 and Dec. 23 of last year, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown stated in a release.

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“The defendant has admitted to brutalizing a tiny puppy so much that people who observed the defendant walking the dog in the neighborhood called authorities to report the abuse,” DA Brown said in a statement.

Police were also able to review videos made inside Ranger’s building that showed him abusing the dog and carrying it by the collar around its neck, the DA’s statement reported.

When police entered Ranger’s Jamaica home on Dec. 23 to conduct a search, they found the dog compressed inside an upside-down milk crate weighed down by two soda cases, the DA reported.

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“The defendant will be banned from possessing any animal in the foreseeable future, and the little dog is now safe and protected,” the DA stated.

The dog has been adopted by another family after being removed by the ASPCA, according to the DA.

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