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Question of faith

Although In The Year Of Our Lord 1495 is set more than 500 years ago, the play’s subject matter — good and evil, religion, and faith — continues to resonate in today’s society.

Written by Ottawa native Marie Robertson — who is also director of the award-winning Troupe de la Lune, which produced the play — In The Year takes place in a French village. The story centres around Father Francis and his young assistant Elizabeth, who try to purge the village of witches and demons.

The central characters are a farmer named Louis and a Gypsy Margalie, who befriend one another as they await their trial and undergo torture in jail. The context of the play is the fearful environment that existed among Christians and those accused of being a witch.

“This is the ultimate subject,” Robertson says of the play that has been eight years in the making. “And religion-wise, it is very relevant to what is going on today.”

Roberston, 25, is a government worker by day, and has been writing since she was a young girl. She has been involved in theatre for six years, and appreciates the ability to be creative.

“I enjoy telling a story and making it come to life,” Robertson says. And the Fringe Festival offers just such an opportunity, and an equal one for that matter. “I like that anybody has a chance to perform.”

This is Robertson’s second appearance at the Ottawa Fringe Festival. Troupe de la Lune originated in Sault Ste. Marie, and last year performed Life, Love and the Pursuit of Harlequin.

>> In The Year Of Our Lord 1495 is playing at the Arts Court Theatre beginning today.