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Quincy man charged with motor vehicle homicide after running over wife

A 48-year-old Quincy man is charged with motor vehicle homicide today after running over and killing his wife outside of their Sea Street home.

Michael Rivard, 48, was charged with motor vehicle homicide and negligent operation, as well as driving with a revoked license and impeded operation of a motor vehicle, a spokesman for the Norfolk County District Attorney said today.

“It is uncertain whether Mr. Rivard will be arraigned in the Quincy District Court this afternoon or tomorrow morning. I am hopeful that information will be available shortly,” said David Traub, district attorney spokesman.

Another man, believed to be Rivard’s relative, was injured in the accident, and is still undergoing medical treatment.

The victim has been identified as Beatrice Rivard. Her husband was arrested after the accident, which happened around 8 a.m. in front of their home at 1173 Sea St.

The specifics of why the accident happened are still unclear, according to investigators. Photographs taken at the scene show a green Lincoln parked on the sidewalk. Witnesses told a Quincy newspaper that the victim’s body had to be pulled out from under the car.

“There is still a lot under investigation and a lot of questions that don’t have answers right now,” Norfolk County District Attorney Spokesman David Traub told Metro today.

Witnesses told a local news station that Rivard’s husband appeared “shocked” and distraught after the accident.

Witness Robin Sargent told WCVB, “He stood with his cane and was screaming, ‘Help me, help me. Get help. Oh my god, oh my god.”

Another witness, Brandon Bergstrom said, told the television news station, “He said the car started taking off, and he tried to hit the brake but he hit the gas and next thing he knows she’s under the car.”

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