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Quincy rock club’s mural of Obama as Jimi Hendrix is vandalized

A controversial mural of President Barack Obama as Jimi Hendrix on the side of a Quincy club was recently vandalized when someone threw white paint on the artwork.

David Keville, co-owner of Presidents Rock Club, said that someone “paint bombed” the mural sometime between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. Wednesday.

When an assistant manager was made aware of the vandalism, he washed the paint off and the mural was saved from any damage.

But the incident left Keville scratching his head.

“I think it was just somebody who wasn’t thinking straight,” Keville said. “It doesn’t make any sense to do something like that. I think it’s more progressive do discuss it, even if it’s hostile [feelings], than to get violent or angry about it.”

Keville said he’s not going to police since the mural has been cleaned up, but has put a camera in the side alley where the mural is located.

The mural has been the subject of controversy when city officials told him he had to take it down because it violated a city ordinance. However, officials have since said that if Keville applies for the proper permits, it can remain.

Keville said he was just going to paint over the mural, but then he fielded calls from people of all political parties telling him not to because it brightens up a formally dark area.

He said he’s now waiting for the right time to add a Republican president, or a collage of presidents from Massachusetts to the wall.

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