Quit your job! Summer banking interns in NYC make this much per month – Metro US

Quit your job! Summer banking interns in NYC make this much per month

Citi Bank Intern Salary

Depressing, erm, fun fact: Wall Street interns make more money than the average 18- to 24-year-old professional. Or older if you’re in certain industries.

And with summer season now in full, sweaty swing, you may have noticed a fair share of summer interns invading your local watering hole, playing Frisbee on your favorite stretch of park lawn or cutting you in line to grab a cab. They’ve even cropped up in the already massively long lines at Trader Joe’s. And heck, maybe you’re even picking up the bill for one or two on a Tinder date. Spoiler: They can more than afford to pay for their own craft cocktail.

It turns out the ones who work in banking are rolling in the cash. Looking at the 10 largest commercial banks in the U.S., CNBC collected Glassdoor salary data for roles with the titles of either “summer financial analyst” or “summer analyst” in New York City to see how the notoriously high-paying warm weather gigs stacked up. Using that info, they calculated how much these interns can expect to make this summer. (Data that was listed as an hourly or yearly wage was converted to a monthly salary for the purpose of this analysis.)

Drumroll, please, for the going intern rate at these big-box financial houses: 

10. U.S. Bancorp
Average monthly salary: $3,466 

9. TD Bank
Average monthly salary: $3,553

8. PNC
Average monthly salary: $3,813

7. Wells Fargo
Average monthly salary: $4,458

6. Bank of America
Average monthly salary: $4,457

Average monthly salary: $4,947

4. BNY Mellon
Average monthly salary: $5,125

3. JP Morgan Chase
Average monthly salary: $5,180

2. Capital One
Average monthly salary: $5,206

1. Citi
Average monthly salary: $5,643

Now, our only other remaining question is this: Will they consider hiring 28-year-old interns? We swear we’re asking for a friend.