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Quiz: How Bond are you?

1. You’re stepping out to a VIP party — what are you wearing?

A) A smart outfit but not overdoing it — your face will do the rest

B) It’s what I’m NOT wearing that matters

C) A cardigan to hide in

D) A graphite suit

2. You’ve woken up from the most wonderful dream. What was it about?

A) Dropping witty one-liners in high society

B) Being surprised with lobster for breakfast

C) Finding the Higgs Boson particle


3. Damn – you missed your train. How do you react?

A) Run after it and nimbly scuttle aboard

B) Think, “What a tragedy for the passengers”

C) Wish time-travel was real

D) Shout vile abuse at the driver

4. Your friend suffers a sprained ankle. What’s your treatment?

A) What friend?

B) Prod him with a long stick to check if he is alive

C) Put your field medic training to good use — you always keep a first aid kit handy

D) Laugh

5. Your house is burning down — What one item do you save?

A) Weapon

B) Mirror

C) Briefcase

D) Cat

6. Who is your hero?

A) Winston Churchill

B) Kim Kardashian

C) Isaac Newton

D) Captain Hook

7. What are you doing for your birthday?

A) Disappearing

B) P-A-R-T-Y

C) Feeling uncomfortable around your loved ones

D) Being obnoxious because you’ve earned it

8. What scares you most?

A) Honesty

B) Poverty

C) A mutant bacterial strain

D) World peace

9. What is your deadly sin?

A) Lust

B) Pride

C) Envy

D) Wrath

10. What are relationships for?

A) Ego

B) Money

C) Self-esteem

D) Ruthlessly exposing weakness

The key

Mostly As: Congrats! You are Bond, you charming socio­path

Mostly Bs: Do your collars and cuffs match? You are a Bond girl

Mostly Cs: You are Q and will always prefer devices to people

Mostly Ds: Say hi to yoour friend, Mr. Kidd. Yu, villain, can’t be trusted.

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