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Quiz: What should you read this weekend?

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Drama in your personal life can be draining, but when you’re merely an outsider, it can be addictive. All three of the books in this quiz are loaded with drama, albeit different types. Take this quiz to see which one will satisfy your thirst for some weekend excitement.

1. Your ideal vacation would be:
a. A road trip across America
b. A trip to the Mediterranean seaside
c. Traveling to somewhere unexpected, like the Middle East

2. What type of relationships really intrigue you?
a. Familial relationships, like between parents and kids
b. Former lovers
c. Current lovers

3. Which of the below rings the most true to you?
a. “Growing up is losing some illusions, in order to acquire others”
b. “Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides”
c. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”

4. Who in your life do you admire the most?
a. Your mom or dad
b. A grandparent
c. A resourceful, quick-witted friend

5. What is background on your phone?
a. A photo of someone you love
b. A photo from a recent vacation
c. A photo of something that motivates you to work hard

Mostly As: “The World’s Largest Man” by Harrison Scott Key
Growing up in the deep south, Harrison was fascinated by his father, a man’s man who hunted, coached football and was a firefighter. But Harrison never seemed to be good enough to win his dad’s approval. With a chip on his shoulder, Harrison consciously grew up to be his father’s opposite: a mild mannered writer living far away from his Mississippi hometown. It wasn’t until he got married and became a father himself that began to see his father in a new light.

Mostly Bs: “The Rocks” by Peter Nichols
Lulu and Gerald were married to each other once, but that was when they were young and now they’re both living life’s last act. They haven’t talked to each other in over 50 years even though they live down the street from each other. Something major drove them apart, but they’ve been able to keep it a secret from everyone. Until now.

Mostly Cs: “The Wrath & The Dawn” by Renee Ahdieh
Khalid is a young Middle Eastern king who gifts himself a new bride every single night, only to kill her in the morning. Shahrzad’s lost her best friend because of his murderous ways and vows to get her revenge. She charms Khalid, making him fall for her. But then something unexpected happens: she starts falling for him, too.

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