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Raise your glass to this 2016 Oscars drinking game

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Oscar night is the night we turn to, to lift us from the monotony that is our life. The stakes are high. Suspense is in the air. The coveted Oscar, a rather stoic statuette, may finally be within the grasp of Leonardo DiCaprio, aka America’s sweetheart. If his dream (and ours) is crushed, we shall drink. If he wins, we shall drink.

Basically, the Oscars are the perfect excuse to break out the shot glasses (responsibly of course).

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Take A Shot If…

– the Academy plays the “wrap it up” music

– someone mentions #OscarsSoWhite

– you have never heard of the winner

– a winner pretends they don’t have a speech prepared

– your fave won

Take a Sip If…

– the camera shows celebs taking a selfie you wish you were a part of

– two sips if your fave is in the selfie

– a winner uses their speech to spark a political revolution ( a la Patricia Arquette)

– someone mentions the presidential candidate nominees (two sips if they mention Trump)

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Finish Your Drink if…

– Leonardo DiCaprio wins (Bring it home, Leo!)

– Twitter brings up Titanic when they see Leo and Kate Winslet together

– you’ve actually seen the film that won

– there’s an audio glitch

– everyone is charmed by Jennifer Lawrence, except you

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Turn Off Your Television If…

– a has-been uses the ceremony to reinvent themselves

– the telecast goes past it’s designated timeslot

– Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t win

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