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Ramsay residents vow to fight Stampede corral decision

Ramsay residents say their fight is not over as city council approved the relaxing of rules that will essentially allow temporary Calgary Stampede horse corrals just metres from neighbouring homes.

Ramsay Community Association’s Arthur Matsui was visibly dejected last night after spending several hours at city council with over residents and opposition of the Calgary Stampede plans but he said council seemingly dismissed their objections.

“I feel like they didn’t even take our concerns into consideration. I’m really disappointed, but this is not the end of the road,” he vowed outside chamber.

Matsui said the next plan of attack will be to obtain 10 per cent of the city’s voting population on a petition to reverse council’s decision, one the community opposes because of the possible environmental impact and stench of the horses.

After public consultation and a question period with Stampede board members, only Brian Pincott, Joe Ceci and Dale Hodges opposed the plan to station a 40-horse corral along the eastern floodplain of the Elbow River as part of the Stampede’s “river park greening project.”

Stampede vice president Warren Connell said they are very “pleased” with the decision and believes the community’s concerns, while valid to be heard, are actually misinformation.

“We believe this is a wonderful addition for the Stampede and for the city. But the facts are facts and it’s unfortunate people are concerned but we believe they don’t understand the project,” he said.

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