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Rebecca Taylor expands her brand

Rebecca Taylor, our go-to designer for pretty, feminine ensembles perfect for first dates, anniversaries and meet-the-parents moments, just launched a line for another important part of a woman’s life: raising kids. We talk to the designer about keeping kids looking like, well, kids and the new, tougher image of her main line.

Metro: Why did you decide to launch a kids line?

I’ve got two daughters — twins — and they’re always wanting to put my clothes on. They are always walking around in my Louboutins. It’s so funny how girls are very focused early on what they want to wear. And a lot of people have said, ‘Why don’t you do kids?’ because I think our prints naturally translate into cute little dresses.

Nowadays kids wear skinny jeans. But your silhouettes have an innocent charm to them. Was that a conscious decision?

I think when girls are young they should be dressed like little girls. My girls have only had their hair cut once in their life and it was a tiniest trim. I’m not crazy about little kids looking like adults. I don’t like when they wear clothes that are too forward, like mesh tanks and black pants.

You’re a Park Slope mom. What trends have you noticed?

That place is crazy with children. I think Crocs are finally making their way out. All the kids are wearing these little glitter Toms. They have pink glitter, purple glitter, silver glitter — really, really cute.

Are there any kids trends that make you cringe?

A lot of kids are dying their hair now. Maybe I’m old-fashioned. I actually quite like it but I think there’s something they have to wait for. You gotta have something to aspire to.

You’re growing your business with new stores all over the country. How do you balance work with being a mom?

It’s nuts. You have to make your kids a priority, like, “All right, it’s a quarter to 6, I’ll be home by 6:30, kids go to bed at 7.” You have to be very rigid, very scheduled, and very productive when you’re at the office. Before I had kids, I’d sit around chatting and go out for lunches — but now when you’re at the office you’re very focused and then you split.

Your main line had a tougher feeling for fall. Are you going to continue in that direction?

Absolutely. It comes from a very genuine space. I’m sort of a tomboy. I not a high heels wearing, dressy kind of girl. I wanted the collection to sort of come back to its roots, like little dresses with motorcycle jackets and ankle booties. That’s sort of my vibe. For spring it’s a little prettier but more in a way that you have this old vintage shirt that your parents picked up in Paris and you’re wearing it with your jean jacket and your little leather skirt.

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