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Recycle, reduce and restyle

Who says going green can’t be gorgeous?

Incorporating sustainable materials into your home’s design can make for attractive interiors that take it easy on the environment.

With the green movement continuing to grow and increasing emphasis on eco-friendly products, seeking design elements that use recycled products, redoing existing pieces and consignment shopping is all the rage.

“Companies are offering more products that have that designer look and feel to it and have that eco-friendly feel,” says Marc Atiyolil, editor in chief of Canadian Home Trends magazine. “I think it’s quite different from what it was 10 years ago. When you said eco-friendly and green, consumers thought, a back to nature look.

“I’m seeing companies being more innovative and coming up with more designer looks with recycled products.”

Many stores today are showing one-of-a-kind eco-friendly art designs from such reusable items as newspapers, magazines, or discarded bottles — meaning less rubbish for the landfill.

Atiyolil, whose next issue focuses on green decorating, says many are turning to consignment stores to modify existing pieces. Case in point: Grandma’s traditional chair — it might not fit into one’s decor, but change around the outdated fabric, reupholster and repaint, and a new piece is born.

“You still have family memorabilia but it now goes in a trendy space … instead of in your basement with a cover over it,” he said.

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