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Red Bulls: #Royering lands next to Chris Christie on Twitter

Red Bulls midfielder Daniel Royer brings down a cross during a MLS match against the Chicago Fire. (Getty Images)

HANOVER, N.J. – Daniel Royer scored the fourth and fifth goal in the New York Red Bulls 5-1 trouncing of the San Jose Earthquakes on Wednesday night, but his brace isn’t what is being talked about. Rather it is the fallout from his goal celebration as made epic in a way that only social media can perfect.

A backflip goal celebration caught the attention of Twitter, especially after photo journalist Matt Kremkau brilliantly captured the moment while covering Wednesday night’s match. Even after the game, Royer’s teammates teased him about the back flip, a daring move with wobbly legs on a night where the heat and humidity ruled in and around Red Bull Arena.

That got social media going with Royer inserted into a variety of moments throughout history and pop culture, some of which are downright hilarious.

The best of the #Royering photoshop challenge entries that began to circle around Twitter came from graphic designer and college professor James Lee. The north Jersey native captured the essence of the Royer moment while blending in the now infamous Chris Christie craze in recent weeks.

Social media raked the New Jersey governor over the coals for his July 4th appearance along the Jersey shore, photoshopping him seated on his beach chair next to Forrest Gump and in a variety of different moments.

Lee’s work tops the best of the #Royering movement:

Other top #Royering entries based off Kremkau’s work, which regularly appears on EmpireOfSoccer.com:

And of course, the original shot caught by Kremkau: