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Red Cross prepares as Earl churns toward Nova Scotia

There’s no question about it: hurricane Earl will impact Nova Scotia — it’s just a matter of how hard.

Earl has developed into a powerful Category 4 storm with maximum sustained winds of 213 km/h.

“We’re more certain (now) Nova Scotia will see a direct effect in one way or the other. It depends how long it stays a Category 4,” said Chris Fogarty, with the Canadian Hurricane Centre in Dartmouth. “The official track now brings it right into the province, so there’s a good chance of wind and rain from this event. The speed of the winds and the amount of rainfall — it’s still too early to predict that.”

It still could spin anywhere between Maine and Newfoundland and Labrador, but western and central Nova Scotia will be the targets if Earl stays on its current track. Earl is expected in the neighbourhood late Friday or early Saturday.

There is good news: Dynamics in the eye of the hurricane suggest it will weaken and not escalate into a Category 5 storm. But, Fogarty added, “it should stay a major hurricane for a couple days.”

By tomorrow, meteorologists should have a good idea of the impact. And the Hurricane Centre will advise the province at the 24-hour countdown mark if any evacuations need to occur.

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