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Reds fan runs onto field, jumps wall, escapes stadium (Video)

A Reds fan ran onto the field at The Great American Ballparkin Cincinnati yesterday during a game between the Reds and Cubs. Stupid acts like this happen all too often at MLB stadiums and other fans get caught up in the excitement of the moment and cheer the random guy “beating the system.” It also, of course, shows how vulnerable athletes and fans are from something truly horrific happening at one of these stadiums someday.

With that said, we hypocritically post the above videos. Justin Buchanan ran onto the field, escaped on-field security, hopped the center field fence, and then escaped bewildered ballpark security on the concourse. He left the ballpark a free man and has not yet been arrested.

“You know, I don’t think it’d be a big deal,” Buchanan told WCPO. “It’s not like I did anything to, you know, I didn’t do anything to [Reds center fielder]Billy Hamilton when I ran past him. I told him ‘What’s up.’ What he said back was not the nicest, but I mean, it’s all just a joke. I don’t think I really interrupted anything. I was just kind of having fun, I guess.”

Before the hypersensitive crowd gets bent out of shape for news outlets like this one posting hisname, remember that if a potential employer Googles Buchanan’s name, this is the first thing that’s going to pop up.

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