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Reggie Watts: Mouthpiece chuckle

Reggie Watts doesn’t cross genres of music; he crosses formats of entertainment, beat-boxing jokes and freestyle lecturing. His mouth is a symphony, his mammoth hair and alpine sweaters the backdrop for a verbal montage of wit that weaves freeform from his unusual repertoire. Watts sows a field of silly using music, impersonations and multi-layered irony.

A cursory peep on Youtube will tell you Reggie Watts has been featured on Conan telling stories in a British accent and singing his hit “Big Ass Purse.” He has his own show on IFC, ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ His ridiculous brand of farce is as surprising as it is original. The artist from Montana will give a pseudo TED Talk or sing Stevie Wonder to a loop pedal of beat box cacophony. His wit is matched by his spontaneous songwriting abilities.

Whether speaking fake Italian or referencing mathematics, culture and academic disciplines are party favors for Watts’ code-hopping, musical fun times. The artist/comedian’s act is off the cuff and the chain alike. See him live for maximum effect, creativity that is intimidating.

Reggie Watts performs at the Afropunk Festival August 26

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