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Reputed gang member to be held in custody

After a five-year immigration battle, alleged gangster Jackie Tran may be kicked out of Canada within days unless a last-ditch appeal is granted.

Tran, who was arrested Tuesday for failing to show up to receive his removal notification, will remain in custody until his scheduled flight following a decision by an immigration adjudicator yesterday.

Only an emergency appeal, which will be heard by a federal judge on Friday, would be enough to allow Tran, 26, to remain in the country that has been his home for most of his life.

Tran’s lawyer, Raj Sharma, said the Canada Border Services Agency did a poor job relaying information about the removal order to Tran and he took issue with the arrest. “I won’t say that the CBSA engineered the breach, but they set up a scenario that resulted in the breach by my client.”

A publication ban won’t allow the date of Tran’s removal to be made public until he has returned to his native Vietnam.

If the appeal is granted, Tran will remain in custody until a new hearing is held in seven days.

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