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Reunion was inevitable, band says

After a tumultuous 10 years together and five years apart, Stone Temple Pilots have reunited. Their 65-city North American tour starts May 17. The band’s website lists tour stops in Quebec City on July 10 and Toronto on July 12.

Recently, the band — singer Scott Weiland, guitarist Dean DeLeo, bassist Robert DeLeo and drummer Eric Kretz — sat down with The Associated Press to talk about the Stone Temple Pilots’ past and future.

Q: Why was now the time to reunite?

A: Weiland: Well I kept on dropping hints in the press constantly. Every time I did an interview and everyone would always ask …

Dean DeLeo: And I usually read Scott’s press, so I was getting the signals.

Weiland: (They’d say), “Do you ever think you guys will reunite?” And I’d say I can’t see the story being over.

Q: You felt like a reunion was inevitable?

A: Weiland: I did. After everything we’d achieved, as close as we’ve been, the way that we got together and it’s really quite an interesting story. For it to end the way it did was very kind of anticlimactic.

Q: What sort of things had to happen before you could get back together?

A: Robert DeLeo: A lot has happened over the past five years. We’ve individually accomplished a lot in our lives. We’re all proud of that. We’re proud of each other.

Q: Are you going to record after this tour? Do you see yourselves putting out another album?

A: Weiland: Yeah.

Dean DeLeo: That sounds great.

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