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‘Revenge’ recap: Episode 20, ‘Engagement’

Edith Edith “The Falcon” Lee and Nolan talk things out on “Revenge.” Credit: ABC

Sorry for the delay, dear readers. Yesterday was Greek Easter so my family and I were dancing and shouting “Opa!” throughout the night. But I am here with this week’s recap, and boy is it a doozy!

We start with a fancy dinner Amanda has arranged for Daniel. The ring — and therefore the engagement — is back on! She gifts him two tickets to Paris and tells him that getting on that plane with him last year was a huge regret for her. France, better get ready for Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Grayson!

Back at the Grayson ranch, Conrad tells Victoria he’ll gladly sacrifice Nolcorp so that Victoria can reunite with her abandoned son Patrick. Victoria doesn’t buy his generosity. She’s received a multitude of letters from people claiming to be her long-lost son, probably in attempts to get a hold of the Grayson fortune. Just then, Daniel and Amanda share the good news about their re-engagement. “How… repetitious!” is all Victoria can muster. Oh, those tickets to Paris? Not for a honeymoon — that’s where Daniel and Amanda are going to live.

At an engagement toast (not to be confused with the engagement party, we’ll get to that later), Daniel wants his trust fund put into the Amanda Clarke Foundation, since he’s going to abdicate his post at Grayson Global. Then, Daniel gets a call that Aidan’s records — which he requested last week — have arrived. Daniel heads into the city to get them. And yeah, things aren’t looking good for Aidan. Daniel fires him, furious to have learned that Aidan’s dad is Trevor Mathis, the baggage handler accused of bombing the David Clarke flight. (Umm, Daniel? Did you not make the last name connection? Why are you just realizing this now? Really, how thick are you?) ANYWAYS. Daniel can’t have Aidan working for them in an effort to get back at the people who wronged his father.

Ashley takes a shot at the Stowaway (she’s really let her hair down since Season 1) and informs Jack that she’s back in Conrad’s good graces. She’s got an idea about figuring out the meaning behind the picture of Conrad with the governor’s wife, but it’s gonna take some bravado on Jack’s part. Is he up for the challenge? (Answer: Yes.)

Charlotte has some alone time with Amanda, who asks her to be her maid of honor. Charlotte is elated. Then, bad-influence friend Regina comes by with a bag from the store — what’s in it? Whatever it is, Charlotte wouldn’t have been able to buy it herself because she’s got paparazzi trailing her every move. Suspicious.

Amanda visits the Grayson Manor (a perk of being engaged to Daniel — easy access), and while she’s passive-aggressively sparring with Victoria, Jack shows up for a meeting with Queen V. Amanda looks at him longingly. Jack is there to show Victoria the picture of Conrad and Mrs. Stoddard. She says she’ll handle it. Then she tells him that Daniel and Amanda are engaged again, to which you could practically hear Jack’s heart break. To further twist the knife, she also tells him that their tryst was the reason Daniel and Amanda originally called off their engagement. Poor Jack, he didn’t know!

Charlotte runs off for another night on the town with Regina, but Daniel wants a word with her first. She can’t make it to the engagement party — she doesn’t want to be around her parents for one more second. She also asks Daniel to try not to shoot anyone this time, ha!

Victoria visits the governor’s wife. What’s going on with you and my husband, she wants to know? Turns out Mrs. Stoddard is leaking tricks of the political trade to Conrad, because she hates being the governor’s wife and wants out of the stressful lifestyle. Also, her husband has a heart condition and probably won’t be around much longer. So, she’s doing everything in her power to make sure Conrad wins and they can get out of the political realm.

Aidian visits Nolan with a plan to work together (“I could be your bodyguard; you could be my Whitney,” says Nolan in one of his many zingers.) Aidan is upset with Amanda — there seems to be no endgame for her. Now he wants her to give up her revenge mission, which is a total 180 from the last time Nolan and Aidan had this kind of discussion. If they could drain the Graysons’ bank account before Aidan is officially taken off the payroll, that’s how it’ll start the end for her. Aidan needs Nolan’s help and it looks like he will provide it — he just needs to visit the Falcon to get the passwords and such.

So Nolan visits the Falcon in jail with a deal: You help me out, I wipe your record clean. She’s game. He also wants to know what happened to Victoria’s first-born. Turns out they paid him $5 million to vanish and for the Falcon to erase him. Nolan’s got more questions: What is the Initiative up to? That she can’t tell, but she does say that she tweaked his Carrion code so that now it can only work if she’s operating him. And last question: How do I access the Amanda Clarke fund? She gives him the password in a riddle — it’s where she was born, or made. What is this? Who talks in riddles? Only on this show, folks.

Ashley admits to Jack that it was she who snitched when she saw him kissing Amanda way back when she was first engaged to Daniel. It’s because Ashley liked Daniel and Jack obviously liked Amanda. Jack says Victoria told him he was the reason they called off the engagement in the first place, and Ashley co-signs on that, to the surprise of Jack. He’s got more power than he thinks!

At Daniel and Amanda’s second engagement party, Victoria gives a nice toast (thankfully no one is murdered this time) and then asks for a word with Amanda on the swing. Victoria confronts her and says she doesn’t look like a woman in love. Amanda throws it right back in her face, saying how hard it must be to celebrate such a happy affair at the house of her dead lover. “I’ll give you a moment,” she says, before coolly walking away.

Party girl Charlotte pukes outside of a club and gets arrested, though Declan does come by and try to save her. Back at the party, Daniel tells Amanda he fired Aidan, and lo and behold Takeda is at the party, practically waiting for Amanda to ask him about what happened here. She’s nervous — how could you expose Aidan and put us at risk like that, she asks her mentor. Aidan was distracting her from her mission, he says. Turns out Takeda has a revenge plot of his own he needs to take care of. The Initiative people are up to no good again, and they’re going to be creating more fear, chaos and profit. Amanda wants she and Aidan to help, but this a job Takeda must take alone, he says.

“So it’s true? You’re gonna marry Daniel?” Jack asks Amanda. She tried to talk to him about everything, but he had a whole new life with Emily at that point. She warns him about Victoria never doing anything just to be a nice person. Jack’s onto her, but he’s sick of Amanda’s shadiness. One day, she’ll tell him the truth, she says, but it can’t be right now.

Amanda fills Nolan in on the whole Daniel-Takeda-Aidan triangle, but Nolan’s a little preoccupied with trying to crack the Falcon’s code. Suddenly, though, it comes to him and he has to run off. It’s her high score on some video game, obvi. He calls Aidan to bring Amanda back into the loop. Meanwhile, Daniel has to leave the engagement party to bail Charlotte out of jail. This family, I swear!

Now things get really interesting. Takeda and Aidan are gonna duke it out … via samurai swords! Pretty excellent. I was thinking, it must be Takeda they kill off, because we have to see if Amanda will end up with Aidan after all of this. Sure enough, I was right. Aidan kills Takeda.

Another big plot twist: After getting bailed out of jail, Charlotte says she doesn’t want to introduce another person to this mess of a family. Daniel’s all like, yeah, our brother should stay far away, amiright? And Charlotte’s all like, Daniel, I’m pregnant! WHAAAA? Did not see that one coming. Does Declan even know yet? It is his, right? You never know with this show.

Back at the Stowaway, Victoria must have taped and leaked her conversation with the governor’s wife about her husband’s heart condition, because now it’s all over the news. Now, it’s pretty obvious that Conrad will win the governor’s seat. Victoria has her reasons for bringing him down, but she wonders why Jack wants to get involved. He plays his own recording for her, the “leverage” convo that basically put a hit on Emily. Oh, yeah, that’ll do it, I guess.

Armed with the Falcon’s password, Aidan and Nolan break into the Graysons’ bank account to bankrupt their funds. Of course, Amanda somehow appears and knows what they’re up to. She tries to stop them, telling them they’re not ready yet, but Aidan does it anyway. The numbers dwindle before their eyes — the Graysons are now broke.

And with that, the lights start to flicker. All across town — from Conrad’s campaign meeting, to the Falcon’s jail cell, to the restaurant where Charlotte just dropped a bomb — it’s a blackout. Carrion! The Falcon smiles from her jail cell. She knows what’s happening. Was this part of her plan all along? Guess we will pick up with this next week, in the season finale. What do you think we can expect? Will anyone else die? Will we get any closer to ending this for good? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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