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‘Revenge’ recap: Episode 22, ‘Reckoning’

Well, kids, here we are, the season finale. I’ve got a tons of notes scrawled down in my little reporter’s notebook and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Last we left off Victoria had placed the incriminating evidence against her husband in the hands of Daniel. Dumb move. Emily promptly took advantage of the situation by faking a break-in to make it look like someone stole everything, whereas she’s just keeping it herself. She describes the thief as a white-haired man with piercing eyes, so I think we know who the Graysons are gonna blame. Indeed, when Conrad’s team starts to investigate, they find all of Em’s little cameras that she’s planted around Grayson Manor, and of course they don’t realize they belong to her and not the white-haired dude.

Poor Nolan is being held captive by the white-haired man, as Emily discovers when she heads to his house to check in on him. She finally gets some face time with the murderer (alright, via Skype, but it’s something), explaining her true identity and that they have unfinished business. When he asks her how she’d like to settle it, she tells him “face to face.” Obviously, right? It’s not like they’re not really hash this one out over the phone.

So, they go to meet, and Em tells him she’s got a hold of the all the incriminating evidence. He’s now indebted to her, and she wants to see Nolan, so he takes her — but not before asking her to inhale some chloroform (if she doesn’t, he’ll kill Nolan). While she’s passed out, she has a flashback to a time she and her dad found an injured bird on their property. That’s all we know for now about that.

When she awakes, Nolan’s ready with the witty “’Morning, sunshine,” but unfortunately they’re both chained to a wall. The white-haired man wants to know where the evidence is, and Em tells him it’s in a Port Authority locker and that an orange key on her keychain will unlock it — oh, and he better hurry, because the police will be on his case in an hour. So, exit stage left, white-haired dude.

Amazingly (this is TV — not everything has to make sense) Em frees herself, then Nolan. She makes Nolan leave and deliver the evidence to the Feds (“or else none of this was worth it”), though he really wants to stay and help defend her against this brutal beast of a man. She asks Nolan that if she doesn’t make it out alive, to please tell Jack she loves him. Could all the secrets soon be out?!

In boring-but-somehow-necessary subplots, Declan’s new lady friend, who we met last week, is still hanging around. First, Charlotte plays ally around the new couple, helping them conquer a particularly hard econ class through deceptiveness, Charlotte’s specialty. But then, the mini-witch pretends to be Victoria so she can hire her mom’s PI to investigate the new girl. Turns out, she was once hooking up with her old history teacher when she was still a minor — yikes! Charlotte spreads the evidence like wildfire. The Yonkers girl becomes the laughing-stock of the school, and Declan’s none too pleased. Did any other “A Walk to Remember” fans have a flashback to the scene in the cafeteria where the mean girls Photoshop Jamie’s face on the naked body? Just me? Alright, moving on.

Ashley and Daniel engage in a little chat at Grayson Global (they work together now, remember?) and Ashley creates suspicion in Daniel’s mind about Emily and her loyalty. It’s just enough to get him antsy, which is very Iago-like of her if you ask me. Meanwhile, Daniel’s pop is still keeping things hot and heavy with Lydia, and he bestows upon her a promise ring, as long as she keep up her end of the loyalty bargain. Sheesh, no such thing as a free lunch, amiright? She accepts the offer, but later on things change…

Back to Emily and white-haired dude. When he gets back, it’s just them in the house, and she’s ready to kick his butt with all those sweet karate moves of hers. Too bad when she gets him in a chokehold, when she finally has all the cards in her hands, she has that flashback again — and this time, we see that the bird lived, because Emily nurtured it and loved it, and her dad commended her on her ability to love so freely, and asked her never to give that up. So she decides not to kill the bad guy, as a way of honoring her father.

Victoria has a little chat with her SEC buddy and gets some bad news: Conrad set up David Clarke’s hit. I guess she didn’t know that til now? That bites. And speaking of bad news: Daniel confronts Emily when she gets back from her fight. He knows Jack was in the house when Sammy died, and asks her point blank if they kissed. She says yes! She tells him, “I’m not the person you fell in love with,” which we know as the truth, but to him, she explains it as if they’re growing apart. Then she hands over the rock and they’re finished! Kaput! At least til next season, maybe?

Ah, Victoria and Lydia, friends til the end! Bet you never thought you’d see that written out, did you? But it’s true! Victoria gets Lydia to join her team by convincing her that once Conrad runs out of money (which he will), he’ll get rid of her first. Lydia decides to fly with Victoria to DC to testify against Conrad. She lies and tells Conrad her father had a heart attack so she has to go. But it looks like Conrad knew that she was hiding something, especially when he was creepily like, “Goodbye, Lydia” all ominously. Uh-oh. This can’t end well. Also in on secrets? The white-haired man, who knows he’s being watched by Emily — he winks at the hidden camera in Conrad’s office to let her know. And yet, he doesn’t spill to Conrad that Emily is really Amanda. We’re starting to see that something much bigger is at stake here, and something bigger than the Graysons — a terrorist group called the Americon Initiative — is behind it.

Victoria stops by casa de fake-Em to give condolences about the breakup, and while she’s there, Em opens her wedding gift to them — an empty box! Ooooh, that was such a good burn. Victoria tells her her and Daniel’s future was as empty as that box. Dirty, snide behavior—I love the cattiness here. Later, with the Grayson empire irreparably broken at this point, Emily decides now is a good time to tell Jack — who promptly rescinded his blood money check back to Daniel — everything. Only when she shows up at the Stowaway to do so…REAL EMILY IS THERE! WITH A PREGNANT BELLY! How did she get out? Wasn’t she last with Takeda? What the f—? Seriously, was everyone else as caught off-guard as I was there?

No time for more analyzing on my part. At least not yet. I’ve got more to tell you! Daniel and Ashley have another little chat (over booze), and it looks like they’ll be allies from here on out. Speaking of chats, Victoria and Charlotte have one too — about revenge, fittingly. Victoria tells her it’s worth it when the other person deserves it, but when that other person doesn’t, she has to move on as fast as she can. Later, Conrad storms in, in a total rage (have we seen Henry Czerny that mad before? Eesh. Wouldn’t want to piss him off), flying off the handle about how testifying will bring them all down, including the kids. She tells him she’s got to get on that plane, and he says if she does it’ll be the last thing she’ll ever do. Her response? “Guess I’ll see you in hell!” Folks, it’s all leading up to an…explosive finale, shall we say.

Victoria and Lydia get ready to board, but is that, wait, it can’t be, oh my God, it is! The white-haired man! How did he get there? He’s got something to do with this flight, that’s for sure. And it’s not good. The plane explodes, as we learn from a newscast that poor Charlotte stumbles upon (what a sucky way to find out about your mother’s supposed demise!). The reporter tells us that Victoria Grayson, on the plane, is presumed dead, but do you really think she is? Madeline Stowe is too main a character here to be killed off, right? Her death would send this whole series into a tailspin, and besides, I’d miss her snark. What do we think?

Poor Charlotte tries to get Declan on the phone to tell him, but he’s not really in the mood to chat, what with that whole prank and everything. Bad timing! So, she turns to her other faithful companion, drugs, and Conrad finds her unconscious on the bed. Is she dead? We don’t know, I hate to say.

Fake-Em’s stupefied by the whole thing — all the evidence that could have cleared her father was on that plane. But wait! Nolan to the rescue! Of course, like a good tech nerd, he backed everything up. And within that evidence, he found a video he had to share with fake-Em: It’s of Victoria, talking about a lady we rarely hear about…fake-Emily’s MOTHER! Fake-Em’s been told her mother got sick and died when she was young, and at first, she thinks the video means that they Graysons had her mother killed, in addition to her father. But no! That’s not it at all! Fellow viewers, Mrs. Clarke is still alive! Maybe we’ll meet her in the fall? I wonder who will play her. We have all summer to brainstorm ideas. Get your thinking caps on, folks, because Revenge is now on hiatus until after the summer. It’s been a pleasure recapping with you every week. We’ll be back as soon as “Revenge” is back, so until then, have a great summer — and stay away from the Hamptons!

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