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‘Revenge’ recap: Episode 318, ‘Blood’

ROGER BART Remember this guy? Mason’s back.
Credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright

Tonight opens with another flashback, but there’s a little twist this time — it’s Aidan’s flashback, to the time he found his father murdered in the shed. It’s all a dream, and when he wakes up he tells Amanda about how his father was really kidnapped and forced to plant the bomb on the plane that went down, so killing himself was extra tragic because he was turned. There’s one thing she can do to help him, he says. She’s game.

Victoria and Pasquale are cozy in bed when there’s a knock at the door; it’s Conrad. They spar for a few seconds and then break their business deal off for good. Meanwhile, brother and sister Grayson are at odds too — Charlotte knows that Daniel used her to turn Margot against Jack, but the plan didn’t work: She’s still Team Porter.

Oh, that last request from Aidan? It was fly to England with him to meet his mom, whom Aidan hasn’t seen in, hmm, eight years. Aidan’s mom is very fragile still after the stuff that happened with her now-deceased husband. She wants to keep the curtains closed when they talk, but she doesn’t even want to talk about what happened (even though that’s why Aidan’s there). He tells Amanda he doesn’t want to cause his mom anymore pain, and she says if they find the connection between his dad and Pasquale, maybe they can take some of the pain away. Deep.

New homeowner Jack meets with mom Stevie outside the Stoweaway and tells her about the rumors involving him and Amanda. Stevie suggests that if Margot believes it, there must be something to it, which probably doesn’t make Jack feel much better.

Meanwhile, Nolan and Javier get their contract, but J isn’t happy to see that Nolan gets 70 percent of the biz. They fight, and maybe they’ll break up, but probably not because this is “Revenge” and there are endless twists.

At a Voulez shoot, Margot calls out her dad for grooming her brother, not her, for a spot at the top of the business. Her dad is stuck in the mentality that women can’t “have it all.” Go Margot, you introduce your father to the modern woman!

Well, here’s a character I kind of forgot about: Victoria pays a visit to … Mason Treadwill, who’s still in jail. You’ll recall that he confessed to some crimes he didn’t commit in exchange for exclusive rights to Amanda’s “Revenge” story when she decides to tell it. Anyway, Victoria visits, and she wants details on Emily Thorne: Wwhat does he know about her? Well, lots, but he won’t spill for nothing. He wants to be a free man (and eat lobster eggs Benedict, because that’s what you do when you’re free. Lesson of the night: Don’t take your brunching for granted, folks!)

So Amanda and Aidan visit his mom, and Amanda tries to bond with Aidan’s mom by sharing that her dad died, too. Mrs. Mathis brings up Colleen, Aidan’s dead sister, but she unfortunately thinks she’s still alive — Aidan never told his mom that Colleen was kidnapped and killed. Mrs. M. just thinks she ran away for a better life.

Jack gets a little jealous when he sees Daniel holding Margot’s hand after she pounds her fist due to her daddy drama. Margot is all assertive, insisting that she and Jack are just friends and that she doesn’t like jealous men. Feisty. This is a girl who knows who she is, and I like it.

Mason calls Amanda from jail, which causes Amanda a little heart attack. Their conditions were no contact! She gets on the phone with Jack and Nolan to tell them, and they try to hide their chat from Charlotte, but Charlotte’s got a sneaking suspicion her sis is involved.

Olivier — I mean, Pasquale — visits Victoria at Grayson Manor, and Daniel and he have a little man-to-man about him treating his daughter with respect. Back at the jail, Stevie has decided to represent Mason to further her goal of helping Amanda. But he doesn’t want the deal she’s given him (which includes the word “sundries”… more on those later). Victoria’s only words when she finds out Stevie is working for Mason/Emily? “God help her.” Sass attack!

Aidan, back in the shed, wells up — it’s the first time he’s been there since finding his dad. Amanda drops in and says you have to tell your mom that Colleen is dead, because it’ll give her some closure and answers. He’s scared to go through with it. Suddenly, because this is such a crazy soap opera, Aidan finds some covered-up writing. It’s a name: Oscar Chapman. We don’t know who it is, but Aidan is convinced his father wanted him to know that name.

So he finally does tell his mom that Colleen is dead, and so are the men who took her, and she seems to take it pretty well. “I never let myself believe your father was amongst them,” says Mrs. Mathis, which may be the most human line ever uttered on this show. Aw, now I’m sad for Aidan’s mom. Anyway, Aidan also tells his mom that he’s not really with Amanda, but that they’re close and he just wanted to bring her some happy news since he hadn’t been back in awhile.

Charlotte and Javier are getting to each other(‘s bodies) well, so when Javier tells Charlotte that Nolan tried to stiff him on their business deal, Charlotte says Daniel can help him. Where will this lead?

Pasquale must have listened to Daniel because he goes to Margot with a new attitude. She’s drafted a textbook-size five-year plan for the company and he’s ready to hear it. Looks like his outlook is evolving.

Back at Amanda’s house, Aidan looks up Oscar Chapman and learns that he was a freelance reporter who was killed in a car crash. They’re convinced it’s another dead end (though why? Isn’t everything on this show not what it seems? Surprising how they didn’t question that one bit.) Then, all of a sudden, they start making out, and it gets pretty hot and heavy (hi, Aidan’s bare back). These two just can’t quit each other.

Back in jail, Mason puts on a cream that burns him. Oh no, he’s convulsing! This can’t be good. It’s only after the commercial break, when Victoria visits Stevie to ask why she’s interested in Mason, that we learn he’s died in his cell. RIP! Conveniently, Victoria’s brought wine to get Stevie talking, and hearing that Mason’s dead is just the bait she needs to start pouring again. Good thing Jack arrives in time to get his mom out of there. He’s gonna take her back to L.A., but she wants him and Amanda to join. No, Jack tells her, Amanda is going to stay to finish her revenge plan, and I’m staying with her. Man, you really do love her, Stevie says, which gives Jack pause (BECAUSE IT’S TRUE).

Margot visits Daniel with a bottle of bubbly and two glasses to celebrate her dad grooming her for the top spot — bit flirty if you ask me, and I think the two of them realize it. They have a “should we?” kinda moment, but it looks like they are going to remain friends (for now).

But Margot might not get Voulez after all. Conrad has officially declared war on Pasquale, acquiring the company after meeting with Pasquale’s son. Pasquale unloads this onto Victoria, who’s in a mood to run Stevie out of town (so I guess we’re done with her now?). Anyway, like the Hamptons power couple that they are, they go off somewhere to have sex.

As the morgue van drives off, there’s a gasp from inside – MASON’S STILL ALIVE, OF COURSE, BECAUSE OH GOD WHY DO WE ALL STILL LOVE THIS SHOW??! And Nolan’s driving the van. Oy. Remember those “sundries” from earlier? One of them was a very expensive face cream that “mimics death” or something for the first 20 minutes it’s on, so Mason might really have thought he was dying. This was all part of Amanda and Nolan’s plan to break him free, like he wanted to be. Nolan got him cash, a new ID and a nice writing cove in the Maldives (not bad — can I do my writing there?). After Mason confirms that he is indeed Team Amanda now, Nolan asks him the $64,000 question: Who was Oscar Chapman?

Amanda, in bed with Aidan and fingering her engagement ring from him, gets a phone call from Nolan with some insight: Oscar faked his own death. So the man who knows how Pasquale and Trevor Mathis (Aidan’s dad) were connected is still possibly out there. You think they’ll find him? Oh hell, you know the answer to that, this is “Revenge.” I’m curious to see who will play this Oscar fellow though. I mean, we’ve been blessed with Olivier Martinez and Morgan Fairchild so far this season. Who’s next?!

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