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‘Revenge’ recap: Episode 5, ‘Guilt’

Tonight’s episode of “Revenge” starts with a bang — literally — as the show opens with Lydia’s body splayed across a New York City taxi cab. The scene quickly jumps back to two days earlier, and back in the Hamptons, we begin to see some unpleasant emotions in Victoria, our resident evil Queen. She’s pissed to learn that her husband wasn’t in fact recently on business — he was with his mistress, Lydia, and he gave her a cool $10 million. Plus, Victoria’s guilt over her involvement in the plane crash (that Emily’s dad has been blamed for, remember) is bubbling to the surface, and her troubles aren’t helped by the fact that she’s in a major conflict with her teenage daughter.

Meanwhile, Lydia hits the Hamptons in an attempt to win back her house from Emily — and her friendship from Victoria. Emily isn’t willing to return the seaside mansion (would you be?) but she does offer to pack up some of Lydia’s personal items. One of the items that goes back is a hidden camera Nolan bugged Emily’s house with, disguised as a whale sculpture. Back at her new place, Lydia comes across a photo of her and Victoria at an event and spies a raven-haired Emily in the background — Lydia’s onto Emily, and Nolan’s onto Lydia.

Daniel’s college friend Tyler lets him in on his father’s affair with Lydia. Daniel decides not to work for his dad over the summer as originally planned — he doesn’t want to come close to following in his footsteps. To try and get back on the family’s good graces, Conrad gives Victoria a Mercedes, which Charlotte and Declan promptly crash.

Frank, the Grayson’s private investigator, is sent to investigate Lydia’s home, and there he finds a speech Lydia is planning to give that evening — exposing Victoria’s involvement in the plane crash. Frank warns Victoria, who realizes the only way she’ll get Lydia to keep quiet is to accept her peace offering. Lydia is pleased to be back on Victoria’s good graces and gives a favorable toast to her at the benefit. Right afterwards, however, Victoria confesses that she knew of her plan to defile her all along, and that they’ll never be friends again.

Lydia returns home to find Frank waiting for her, claiming that she was behind Dr. Banks’ and Senator Kingsly’s downfalls. Lydia and Frank spar on her rooftop, with Lydia eventually plunging overboard. Talk about a fall from grace!

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