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Review: ‘The Tick’ is a fun, but ultimately unnecessary reboot

The Tick

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men, but “The Tick” promises to bring down the bad guys with a refreshing dash of silliness.

The world has been inundated with superhero properties over the years, usually featuring a dark and melancholic hero a la Ben Affleck’s moody Batman or a convoluted cosmic universe of characters like Marvel’s never ending series of flicks and shows. As Hollywood continues to churn out these super-powered projects, it’s hard to get excited for yet another hero flying onto screens.

While “The Tick,” which debuts on Amazon Friday, is a fun, meta-take on the popular genre, it doesn’t pack a big enough punch to make a serious dent in the crowded world of spandex-wearing crime fighters. Sure, it’s trying to go the “Deadpool” route by focusing more on the laughs than supervillain beatdowns, but the jokes that poke fun at superheroic troupes eventually get tired as the series goes on, similar to NBC’s now canceled “Powerless” sitcom.

For folks who aren’t already fans of the big, blue bug, “The Tick” stars Peter Serafinowicz as the aforementioned hero, who’s super strong, but also super dumb. While he can barely remember what he had for breakfast, The Tick’s optimism and bravado are infectious, easily making him the best character on the show.

Despite this, the series tends to focus a bit too much on The Tick’s reluctant sidekick Arthur (Griffin Newman), who ends up getting the origin story treatment in the opening episodes. Although it’s an interesting departure from the comic books as well as the cartoon and previous series, Amazon’s reboot relies heavily on showcasing Arthur’s journey and many neurotic issues, which take away from the fun at times.

Overall, Serafinowicz’s take on The Tick does justice to the character, who was made famous in the flesh by Patrick Warburton in the critically-acclaimed, but short-lived 2001 live-action show. He’s a loveable weirdo that definitely brings the laughs.

However, as a series, there’s not enough going on for “The Tick” to make it stand out from every other superhero property that’s taken over the airwaves.

“The Tick” debuts on Amazon Aug. 25.