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Rex Ryan clueless on outrage regarding IK Enemkpali captaincy

Dyer: Rex Ryan already embarrassing himself during ‘Jets Week’
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Rex doesn’t get it.

He likely never will.

Bloviating Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan, the former bloviating head coach of the New York Jets, doesn’t get all the furor over yesterday’s announcement that his linebacker, IK Enemkpali, will be a captain for Thursday night’s meeting between these two teams. It was Enemkpali this past August who punched former teammate Geno Smith in the jaw, shelving the team’s then starting quarterback and ending his own tenure in New York. When the Jets cut him, Ryan quickly claimed a player he drafted the year before.

And Jets fans were offended by the choice of Enemkpali as a game captain, seeing it as a direct shot at the team that Ryan used to coach. With the Jets, Ryan would often choose captains based on connections to the opposition, including using former players as captains or those with local ties to that area.

Enemkpali certainly has a tie to the Jets, having been drafted by the team and played for them. In fact, he was having a tremendous training camp until August’s locker room altercation. But this is a shot below the belt, something that not even Enemkpali would do.

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Ryan didjust that to the team that gave him a paycheck the last six years. He went all Golota on his old team.

“I don’t get it. I really don’t get it. You guys know me, I’ve been around. You guys know how I do the captains. If this was an isolated deal where I just threw a guy out there then I can understand it. But this is what we do every single week. We have guys…you know Richie Incognito had some issues I guess in Miami. So we named him captain. He was a former Dolphin and he was out there with some of his former teammates and I knew that was special for him, and that’s the same thing,” Ryan said via a conference call on Tuesday.

“You know if I had Jason Taylor, when we go to Miami he was a captain. So you guys know how I always handle things. I’m more surprised you guys made a big deal out of [Matthew] Mulligan being a captain and things like that. But guys it’s not a slap in anybody’s face. It’s not a sign of disrespect. It’s just what we do, and I’ve done it, and you guys know, I’ve done it that way every since I’ve came in the league. “

Cute little twisting and turning from Ryan but this is disrespect and winding up of the franchise that gave him a head coaching job in 2009 when no one else would, including the Baltimore Ravens where he was on staff at the time he was hired.