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Rick Santorum’s sweater vest has already won the Iowa caucuses

The political effect of winning the Iowa caucuses is nebulous. For every winner who rides a wave of momentum from the cornfields to the convention, there’s another whose appeal just doesn’t translate to states outside the Midwest.

Even if Rick Santorum succeeds in his increasingly-less-impossible mission of winning the Iowa Caucuses, he will likely end up as the second type of caucus winner. But that doesn’t mean that his candidacy will have been a waste. Rather than focusing on his political defeats, Santorum would be wise to take solace in his sartorial victories. For if there’s one lasting legacy the former Pennsylvania senator leaves behind, it’s his unwavering determination that a sweater vest is an acceptable thing for an adult man to wear in public. (That, and his conviction that states should have a right to ban birth control.)

Below, a brief look at the way Santorum is revitalizing the sweater vest, with a variety of diverse looks and styles.

The somber gray vest, which adds a touch of monochrome class to the Iowa stump:

The classic blue vest, an America tradition — reinvented:

The drab olive vest, a nod to the retro military-inspired stylings of designer Alexander McQueen:

Finally, the striking crimson vest, incorporating the aesthetics of college football into a political context:

Which look is your favorite?

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