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Riders offer praise for the Canada Line

Transit riders rated the Canada Line high during yesterday’s back-to-school rush, saying it sped up their commute.

Joshua Cheng, who lives near English Bay and works near Cambie and Broadway, said the Canada Line has shaved about 10 minutes off his commute.

“There were quite a bit of people, but it was good,” said Cheng, who also noted there is now less walking distance between the bus he takes and the SkyTrain. “It was pleasant, considering today’s the first day of school.”

Bamishe Davies is a Vancouver resident who just began work in Richmond last week.

“I find it amazing,” he said. “We’ll see how it goes before I complain, but it’s really good so far.”

Jonathan Cruz said he has taken the Canada Line every day since it opened.

“It’s very good,” said Cruz on his way from Richmond-Brighouse to Vancouver City Centre. “It’s convenient. I have no complaints.”

Among those who spoke with Metro, a few complaints came from those who had to first bus to the Canada Line before utilizing it, while others said their destinations are closer to former 98 B-Line stops.

“It was fine, but there were a lot of stops,” said Susanna Archer, who was commuting from Richmond-Brighouse to Yaletown-Roundhouse. “The (Expo and Millennium Lines) seem to go faster, but I still like it better than the bus.”

The Line left at least one person asking for more.

“My only complaint is that it doesn’t run late enough or frequently enough,” said Jamie Carlson, who lives in Vancouver and often works in Richmond until late at night.

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