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Riding the bobsled rocket in the French Alps

The advertisement persuading skiers enjoying the Alps to clamber into a bobsled and careen down a track at more than 120 km/h shows two smiling girls without a care in the world.

Like most marketing ploys, it’s not exactly a true reflection of how you feel as you hurtle into terrifying bends a couple of inches above the floor in something similar to a metal coffin. Smiling comes a poor second to hanging on for dear life

But having taken on the 1.5-kilometre course in Paradiski in the French Alps in one minute, 10 seconds, I can assure wannabe daredevils that it is great fun — but it’s difficult to smile when G-forces are trying to force your face through the back of your helmet.

Most people will see some bobsled events at this year’s Olympics, but the only way to find out just how scary the sport is to do it yourself.

That’s how I found myself strapped in a Mono Bob (cost $103) on an ice-covered track which was used in the 1992 Albertville Olympics during a long weekend of skiing.

When I got to the bottom and completed the most terrifying event in my life, I decided if given the chance again I’d take it. But next time I might opt to be taken down the hill with a professional driver.

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