Right-wing BU teen won’t return to Boston after attending Charlottesville rally – Metro US

Right-wing BU teen won’t return to Boston after attending Charlottesville rally

Nicholas Fuentes

A Boston University student said that he will not return to the school following threats he received for attending the Unite the Right rally that turned violent this past weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Nicholas Fuentes, 18, has been outspoken about his controversial conservative political views in the past, including supporting President Donald Trump and hosting an online broadcast show on the Right Side Broadcasting Network called “America First.”

He gained attention following a tweet in which he wrote, “Multiculturalism is cancer.”

Fuentes was also featured in a Boston Globe story from March headlined “The kids are far right,” which profiled “conservative rabble-rousers.”

Fuentes, who recently finished his freshman year at BU, attended the events in Charlottesville, writing on his Facebook, “Wow – what an incredible rally here.”

“We took mace, pepper spray, feces – they sent in the National Guard, counterprotesters, and had the governor declare a state of emergency – all to silence us,” he wrote in a post on Aug. 12. “You can call us racists, white supremacists, Nazis, & bigots. You can disavow us on social media from your cushy Campus Reform job. But you will not replace us.”

Since attending the rally, Fuentes said that he has received between 10 and 20 death threats through email and social media.

“We were there to demonstrate against the replacement of the native populations of the west, particularly Europe and the U.S., of foreign peoples,” he said of why he went to Charlottesville from his native Chicago. 

When asked if he others may perceive that move as a threat, he said, “I don’t see how me traveling to a rally and attending a political event would be a threat against someone.”

“Especially when people are actually sending me explicit verbal threats against my life in great detail,” he added. 

The recent threats have spurred his decision to leave the Boston school — where he was studying international relations and political science — but it’s not the first time leaving Boston has crossed his mind.

“I actually had been considering leaving BU really at the beginning of my second semester, after the inauguration of the president,” he said. “It was dangerous for me to wear my MAGA hat in public, to be recognised in public, so I started to think about going somewhere safer.” 

Safer as in not such a “liberal,” Blue-leaning area, he specified. 

Boston University confirmed to Metro that Fuentes is no longer enrolled at the school. A spokesperson would not comment further on the situation.

Fuentes said he’ll take the fall semester off and will probably attend Auburn University in Alabama in the spring.

Fuentes, who is originally from Illinois, was recently banned from Twitter, in his words because he “bullied thots too vigorously online.” He has still been vocal on his Facebook, which has attracted responses from both supporters and adversaries.

“We can talk about black pride, Latino pride, and gay pride all day long, but talk about white pride, or pride in European heritage, and you’re suddenly an apologist for Adolf Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan,” he wrote in his most recent Facebook post from Wednesday morning. “Enough is enough! I’m sick of being asked to condemn or apologize for racism every 15 minutes for being born white.”

Since the news that he won’t return to Boston broke, some people have also taken to his Facebook to share their reactions.

“It’s funny because so many people are celebrating this, saying, ‘you’re not welcome,’ ‘don’t let the door hit you on the way out,'” he said. His response? “You can have your city.”