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Rodgers’ new company

British hard rock star Paul Rodgers will finally be in good company tomorrow, when the Bad Company front man joins an African children’s choir in Vancouver for a charity fundraiser.

Rodgers, who has also toured and recorded with Queen, will be singing with the African Children’s Choir at the Hotel Vancouver for the charity’s 25th Anniversary gala event, to raise money to build a school in Uganda.

“I was deeply touched by the sweetness and bravery of these children,” Rodgers told Metro Vancouver yesterday, adding the program is a testament to the power of music to heal, unite and inspire.

“It’s a wonderful idea to give (these children) a focus on the joys of life through music, and a feeling of family and belonging, and that — young as they are — they can really achieve something,” he said. “These kids just open up and emote with their vocals, and they go to a different place, a higher place, and it’s an honour to be with them.”

Rodgers’ wife, Cynthia Kereluk-Rodgers, said once she met the children, she was “committed to them for life.”

“We have so much in North America and yet we complain we don’t have enough. These kids are just so inspirational,” she said.

Proceeds from the event go to the construction and completion of a new African Children’s Choir Primary School in Uganda.

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