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Rondo – gay ref comments sections get ugly when it comes to LGBT, race

The comments section at Metro.us regarding Rajon Rondo.

Sacramento Kings guard RajonRondo issued one half-hearted apology to gay NBA referee Bill Kennedy this week and followed it up with a “real” apology only after the general public deemed his first one to be not good enough. If you haven’t heard by now, Rondo was saying sorry for calling Kennedy the “F-word” (not ‘fudge,’ and notthe one that rhymes with duck).

Everyone had an opinion on the matter, on ESPN, on sports radio, in the mainstream media and, unfortunately, on Internet comments sections.

Some of the comments in Metro’s comments sections were disgraceful. See above:

“Can’t see how any one can respect Rondo in any form or fashion after what he said,” said Kim Boydston.

“Because it’s the worst thing anybody can say…” Brian Aether said, in reference to Rondo calling Kennedy the F-word.

“Was he lying. .. that man is a fag,” said idiot Adonis Marcel from Lincoln University (Missouri).

Even scarier than Marcel’s comment is that it was the only comment to get three “likes.”

These fools are obviously desperate for attention … but not too much attention. (Marcel probably doesn’t like it that he’s the main subject of this post.)

Yup, Rondo is pathetic for saying what he said to Kennedy. But at least he said it to the man’s face. These people are using these words withlittle fear of ever being caught. That’s why I don’t mind outing them here as the complete frauds thatthey are.

Blake Zimmer, in the ESPN.com comments section, wrote: “[Homosexuality] is a mental disease and we need to be aware of those with problems that are being enabled by a society too scared to face scientific fact.”

Alexander Maunu,in the ESPN.com comments section, wrote: “Absolutely pathetic.Keep sex in the bedroom. One referees personal crusade ends in a suspension for a real athlete? If you are going to act a certain way you should expect to be called out on it. Actions have consequences, unless you’re a homosexual or a socialist, apparently. One man’s sexually preference has nothing to do with basketball, and a heat of the moment remark in a very emotional game is not a crime.Homosexuals, the only people who want to make it illegal to talk about them.”

Kyle Wait, in the ESPN.com comments section, wrote: “Really? He comes out now? Hmmm. Seems a little odd in the wake of the dumbest technicals in history. Rondo looks at the guy and gets teched and then moves towards him and says something, be it slur or not. I find it odd that it took this long to one, suspend and then two, to then say oh yeah, it’s because of this. No one will question it if we claim Rondo made a slur about his sexuality, right?Wrong, NBA. Looks like this was done to get around explaining what happened.”

Kevin Goetz (Shaler Area High School), in the ESPN.com comments section, wrote: “Did anyone consider the fact that Rondocalled him a faggut because he was acting likea faggut? I mean seriously when did the gay community gain ownership over a word? When i was a kid the word “faggot” was the sameas calling someone an “ass” or “a jerk” or something like that. So if the gay community hates the use of that word that much why do they think it relates to them every time its used?”

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