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Ross Berenson: Man tweets photo of ‘Go to hell’ note from TSA

How many times does someone have to tweet a hand-written note from the TSA, for the TSA to realize that its handwritten notes will be tweeted?!

New Yorker Ross Berenson tweeted a photo of a form given to him by the TSA after his luggage was inexplicably damaged after a flight from LAX to JFK. The form offered instructions on filing a complaint, which included submitting a receipt, attaching a boarding pass, … oh, and also to “go to hellllll.”

That’s right — the form included a nice, little handwritten note from … someone… instructing Berenson to cast himself to eternal damnation. He told Gothamist that he was pretty surprised by the curt note, considering his exchange with TSA workers was relatively cordial.

“Everyone was very helpful and nice. I didn’t realize the form said ‘Go to hell’ until I got on the subway,” Berenson said. “I’m pretty laid back, but seeing an official form like this say ‘Go to hell’ is pretty shocking.”

Berenson also noted that the form seemed to be a photocopy, so it’s likely that other unsuspecting passengers were subject to the strongly-worded instructions, too.

This is just one of several hand-written notes that passengers claim they have received from TSA agents. Who could forget the infamous “GET YOUR FREAK ON GIRL,” message scribbled onto an inspection notice in the luggage of a woman who packed a vibrator? And the “C’mon Son” note left by an agent who found a bag of weed in the suitcase of rapper Freddie Gibbs (oh, and the agent let him keep it, too).

Still, things could be worse for the TSA. At least none of its agents have recently been implicated in a Colombian hooker scandal, which is more than fellow government agency, the Secret Service, can say…

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