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Roulette online vs. brick and mortar: Are there differences?

Roulette Online vs Brick and Mortar

Roulette at an online casino may not have the social dynamics as a night out with friends at a fancy gambling joint along the Atlantic City Boardwalk — or the free booze. But firing up the laptop or mobile device can make for a fun night, with lower limits than one might find at Caesar’s Palace or Borgata.

Here are six key differences between gambling online and at a live casino when it comes to playing roulette.

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1. Free play — Gamblers looking to play some roulette may want to take advantage of online casinos’ free play options before diving in head first. This offers a chance to learn the intricacies of the game and payouts. Players then have a better feel of how to play online for real money or when they book that next trip to Vegas, Atlantic City, or any other brick-and-mortar casino.

2. Different games — Online casinos offer players numerous options beyond traditional roulette including European and American wheels. Some offer unique felts and designs while others have different variations on the traditional game — from Pinball Roulette to Double Ball to Multi-Wheel. There’s something for everyone online. One gaming site even offers Marvel Superhero Roulette. You might not want to be at the table when the Hulk’s numbers don’t come through.

Roulette Online Gambling3. Better odds and payouts — Like blackjack and other casino games, online casinos offer lower stakes and even offer better payouts on some games. A reduction in house edge favors the player, increasing the odds of booking a winning session.

4. Play at your own pace — Players staying for just a few days at a casino resort may have a limited amount of time and feel like they have to gamble a certain amount of time — that’s what you’re there for, right? With online casinos, players can jump in at any time. In fact, the player not only controls when to play, but also controls all the action, pace of spins, and how the night plays out. Maybe you’re watching Monday Night Football and need a little diversion as your team goes down in flames. Grab some virtual chips and get that wheel spinning. Need to hit the fridge for a beer? The action waits for you — with your hot streak still intact.

5. Reward programs — Like live casinos, online sites also offer reward programs for players to win prizes. Sometimes these can be even better than a live casino.

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6. Live dealer, no tipping — Some online casinos have added live dealers to their games, including roulette. Players can chat with the dealer while playing. This is an interesting dynamic for online play, but leads to an additional advantage for playing online — there’s no way to tip (although some are adding that functionality). Dealers (and cocktail waitresses) work for tips, but when losing at the tables, those gratuities can hurt the bottom line. Save a few bucks by playing online.