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Royal Wedding: Let them live happily ever after

Will the fairy tale have a happy ending this time around? Anyone of good heart will hope so.

Even if the idea of a constitutional monarchy does not meet with your approval, the wedding today of Prince William to Kate Middleton is an occasion to celebrate.

The British capital will resound to the type of pomp and circumstance that only the U.K. can really do properly — after all, it has had more than 1,000 years of practice.

William can trace his bloodline back to the days of the Norman conqueror. And one day this young Royal Air Force pilot will be king, head of one of the world’s oldest and greatest monarchical dynasties.

But those of us born on the sceptre’d isle will also reflect today on how regrettable it is that William’s mother, Diana, cannot be there.

We remember how she looked on that July day, 30 years ago. We remember the joy she brought and the hope she and Charles offered to a nation, then, as now, in the grip of recession.

We reflect on the fact that no young man should get married without his mum being there.

Such, sadly, is William’s lot.

But we have high hopes for his bride — Kate is of solid, English, middle-class stock and has, as we say at home, a head on her shoulders.

So, enjoy Metro’s guide to the big day and the delights of royal London.

Find out the best places to eat and drink in London, the places to see outside of the capital itself.

Join Metro in wishing the young couple long life and happiness together — and enjoy the day

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